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Eames Ave

a whole house deep energy retrofit  in the heart of town

Project Location: Amherst, MA
Design Partner: Workroom Design Studio
Builder: Holden Builders
Approx. SF: 1995
Project Type: Deep Energy Retrofit, addition and renovation
Standards/Certifications: HERS Rating -3
Project Timeline: completed 2020


Project Story:

These clients wanted to live in the middle of it all, and appreciated the charm of older homes, but didn't want the discomfort and inefficiency. This home was the perfect deep energy retrofit candidate: a great location (one of Amherst's last dirt roads), a lovely lot, and a modest footprint, plus enough deferred maintenance that it was time for some real fixes.

We put a new skin around this 1900's kit house, including: super-insulated airtight assemblies, new windows, high-efficiency heating, cooling, and ventilation, plus a main bedroom with en suite bathroom, and home office addition. We've insulated and dried out the basement (a must with Amherst's high water table) and added a comfortable front porch. A couple of triple-glazed skylights bring light to the stair and an upstairs bathroom, and the rebuilt garage hosts a new workspace above.The project wrapped up with installation of permaculture-inspired, pollinator-friendly, Conservation Commission-approved landscaping.

Photo Credit: Danielle Tait (exteriors) and Lynne Graves (interiors)​

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