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Deep Energy Retrofits

Graphite Studio specializes in energy retrofits for existing residential buildings, including renovations and additions. We've done a lot of work in old houses, and love that they're difficult, surprising, delightful, charming things. We need to work hard to bring them up to modern standards of efficiency to fend off the worst of climate change. Our renovation projects focus on preserving character while improving functionality, reducing energy,  and eliminating fossil fuel combustion. We focus on whole-house renovation that dramatically changes the building's performance rather than remodeling projects for individual rooms (i.e. kitchen or bathroom remodels). To inquire about being added to our design queue for a deep-energy retrofit of your home, please call us or fill out our Contact Form.

Energy-Efficient New Homes

Our specialty is in high-performance design and climate-friendly construction. To you, this means comfort, durability, a healthy indoor environment, and a home that aligns with your values. With a new home, we have an opportunity to go all the way to create a carbon-storing, energy-saving, clean, healthy powerhouse. We look to Passive House (PHIUS) and Living Futures (ILFI) to help implement ​the best practices in robust resilient design. To inquire about being added to our design queue for a new custom home, please call us or fill out our Contact Form.


Sometimes all it takes to move a project forward (or at least figure out if it is feasible) is a consultation with an expert asking good questions and providing guidance. If a full home (re)design isn't the right fit at this point, perhaps a consultation is the next right step. We will work with you to turn "complicated" into "doable" and get you un-stuck on your path to the house you dream of. You can pick a 15-minute, 1-hour, or 10-hour consultation package on our Consultations page.

Service Area

Graphite Studio's work is located within a 2-hour radius of Amherst, MA with particular emphasis on the Pioneer Valley (Northampton, Amherst, Greenfield), as well as Brattleboro, VT and Keene, NH. We've honed our remote design process, working with clients across the country to develop designs for dream homes in this beautiful corner of the world. 

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