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Ames Hill

a brand new Passive House in Southern Vermont

Project Location: Marlboro, VT
Builder: Mathes Hulme Builders

Project Management: HELM Construction Solutions

PHIUS Certifier: Chris Miksic of Montpelier Construction
Approx. SF: 1784
Project Type: New Construction
Standards/Certifications: Passive House
Project Timeline: 2018-2020


Project Story: 

Conceived in the summer of 2018, and started that fall, we raced to get a foundation designed and poured before the snow came to Ames Hill. We couldn't beat Mother Nature, but we used the winter of 2018-2019 to flesh out the design and get the building up to Passive standards per Passive House Institute of the United States (PHIUS) 2018. HELM Construction Solutions provided project management, finance advice, estimating, product selection, and budget wrangling powers. (Yes! All that!) 


During the building season of 2019 and the early portions of 2020, Mathes Hulme Builders brought this wonder to life, just beating the pandemic to get the owners installed to quarantine at (new) home. It was the first Passive House project for the collaborators, including Graphite Studio, Mathes Hulme Builders, and HELM.) The owners poured heart, soul, and some long hours of sweat equity into this beauty. 

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