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Our Clients

Our typical client is interested in lowering their carbon footprint while staying in their existing home. They are passionate about the environment and their community. They want modern amenities, but want their house to look like it’s always been there. They want to bring their lifestyle in line with their principles.


They may not be looking to make an aesthetic statement, but they want a house that is customized to their needs and way of living, a home that is lived in, not a showpiece. They are willing to invest in making their home the way they want it, and aren't looking for the payback through a speculative flip.


Our clients select Graphite Studio because they want an architect who listens. They want direct interaction with a principal and a personal touch. 

Janet Dunlap

We were drawn to Andrew's prior renovation work and his clear communication style. As we moved through the stressful renovation process, it was easy to lose sight of our goals, our style, and our budget. Andrew did the work to fully understand all of those things - and wasn’t afraid to remind us of them along the way. His creativity and sense of humor made even the most stressful parts of the renovation process fun. At each decision point, his creativity, calm demeanor, and over communication kept us on the right track. By asking all the right questions, Andrew helped us design a home that perfectly suits our lifestyle. Our finished home is everything we could never have imagined without him. 

Tracy Treadwell

My favorite aspect of working with Andrew is his vibe. He has this sort of no-judgment demeanor while seeking collaboration. Andrew sees things that I can't see. My husband and I were both fascinated by the addition Andrew envisioned. I could not see it, and my husband could not see it, and it's turned out to be the best part of the house! If someone was considering working with Andrew the advice I'd give is this: "Trust him. He knows what he's doing."

David Eichelberger & Elisa DiFeo

We only have experience working with one architect and I'm not sure it could ever be matched. Andrew can get to the nuanced details of a project very quickly. He listened well, helped us collect our thoughts, and understood our desires and intentions, even if we weren't sure how to articulate them. We never had a gap in communication, not once. I dug into the Passive House technology of our house with Andrew, but we also appreciated Andrew's aesthetic sensibilities, which helped us when it came to decision-making. He had his eyes open for all kinds of things in the world and his experience and they came up at just the right time to fit into the whole project. He made us feel like our ideas had merit, were legitimate and worthwhile, and he helped us realize those ideas enthusiastically. We have bragged about Andrew and we've told everyone how fabulous it is working with him. 

Sarah Ross

My husband and I had the opportunity to work with Andrew on a deep energy retrofit of a century-old farmhouse in Massachusetts. We were brand new to home ownership, and to sustainability in the built environment. Andrew was the perfect guide for us as we embarked on a massive renovation that catapulted our aging structure into the 21st century and beyond. From the early days of getting our hopes and dreams articulated on paper to following through on ensuring that the project was executed in line with our design intentions, Andrew was a collaborative, thoughtful and joyful partner. I'd recommend his services (and have!) to anyone who has asked. 

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